The Untold Chapter of Fangtastic Tee

You  must have experienced this for at least once...

Life's been hard, you tried your best to keep yourself together and deal with a thousand things that were thrown in your face. You kept your cool, bottled up your emotions and just worked as hard as you could. You forgot that there's such a word called 'burnout". 

People around you kept telling you, "keep going", "stay determined", "aim for the moon" and things like that. Then someday, out of no where, someone patted you on the back and said "You have worked hard, good job! Remember to rest up too". 

I don't know about you but when I encountered such situation, my tears just came rolling down my face in 2 seconds. It was like a reflex reaction of my tear glands and it caught me off guard. I could probably try landing myself a role in a Hollywood movie with such hidden talent of mine! 

All jokes aside...

I think you know what I mean, don't you?

That little pat on the back and that heartening statement is just a like a much needed petrol station. It gives you much more fuel (be it courage or motivation) to continue on the long, hard and possibly lonely journey that is ahead of you. 

We live in this world when people would rather poke their nose into a stranger's life on social media than to really take the time and cheer on someone they personally know in life. It's sad but true.

Through this minimalist FANGTASTIC white shirt, Dede is reminding you that you have done a really good job and have been "FANGTASTIC" all these while - now, give yourself a big hug and a pat on the back! 

If you could, stop and look around, tell somene you love, or even a stranger that they have done a good job in everything that they are working on in life. You could even show some appreciation or support  by gifting a your loved ones a piece of our FANGTASTIC shirt!

Everyone has an untold chapter and might be fighting a silent battle, so an unexpected cheering session could really go a long way! 

With love,